School Board

St. Joseph School Board members guide the School in areas of policy development, program enhancement, and operations in accordance with the policies and programs of study of the Diocese of Harrisburg. Functions of the Board include but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring a sound fiscal plan to support a quality academic program at St. Joseph School.

  • Planning for the continued development and growth of St. Joseph School.

  • Developing marketing goals to expand the funding sources for St. Joseph School.

  • Evaluating current program offerings, both academic and extracurricular, to best meet the changing needs of all students.

  • Assessing future academic offering opportunities for students.

  • Facilitating communication between St. Joseph School Board, parish organizations, faculty, parents, and the parish community.

  • Fostering spiritual growth.

School Board members are ambassadors for the school who promote awareness and develop supportive relationships within the community.  Through prayerful consensus, the Board endeavors to develop policies that provide a comprehensive educational experience for all students.

Comprised of seven volunteers, the church Pastor, the parish manager, and the school administrative team, the St. Joseph School Board meets the second Thursday bi-monthly beginning in September.  Any adult parish member or school parent nominated either by the Pastor or by a current School Board member is eligible to serve as a member of the Board.  Parents and parishioners are permitted to present concerns to the School Board during the first 15 minutes of scheduled meetings.  Individuals requesting to have an item added to the Board agenda are required to contact the School Principal a minimum of one week prior to the meeting for approval.

For more information, please contact Fr. Kyle Sahd, Pastor, at

2023 -2024 School Board Members

Kristen Beecher – Chairperson

Megan Keenan – Vice Chair

Amy Day – Secretary

Dennis Kelly – Treasurer

Chris Kritchen

Stephanie Meisenhelder

Thomas McGann

Michael Allen

Non-Voting Members:

Miss Melissa Preston, Principal

Fr. Sahd, Pastor

Erin Maiolino, Parish Manager