Youth Protection Program

What is the Youth Protection Program? 

The tragic issue of the sexual abuse of minors affects every part of society, and every profession. While pledging zero tolerance for abusers in ministry or employment within the Diocese of Harrisburg, we also pledge our dedication to the healing and reconciliation of victims of sexual abuse as a minor. In fulfillment of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, adopted by the United States bishops in 2002, our Youth Protection Program provides for education and screening, outreach to victims and families, prudent and prompt inquiry into each accusation, open communication, and due process for all involved. Additional questions or request for information may be addressed by email to

Recently, 23 pieces of legislation were enacted, changing how the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania responds to child abuse. The Diocese of Harrisburg is committed to ensuring that all clergy, employees and those volunteers who engage with the youth of the diocese in our schools and parishes understand their responsibilities under this new legislation.

There has been a substantial expansion by the Commonwealth of PA of who is now considered to be a mandated reporter. All clergy, all employees working with children and those volunteers serving in schools, Catholic Charities and parish youth ministries are now classified as mandated reporters. To provide the knowledge needed to understand the responsibilities of a mandated reporter a new State approved training program is being made available which will replace our current on-line training program. The new training has been prepared by the University of Pittsburgh and is being used statewide by numerous entities.

St. Joseph Parish is providing notice to all our members who engage with youth in our parish and school. The Legislature and/or the Diocese of Harrisburg may continue to modify or adjust the requirements of the Mandated Reporter program; we will continue to provide you with any updates.  

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